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Lift the look of your house with Colored Garden Hoses

Did you know that Garden Hoses doesn't have to be green and booring? The Swedish Company Garden Glory has raised the bar for garden accesories and interior design with a practical use. Their colored garden hose look absolutely amazing! You can also choose from a great range of hose nozzles and garden hose hangers, or buy a complete kit from the go.

Great product design

There are many examples of great product design. There are also a couple of companys that always gets mentioned when talking about product design. Apple is of course on of them. Who can forget the many iconic product launches Apple has done over the years? My personal favorite is definitely the iMac G5 from 2004. Its white slick design and the new take on AIO computers was amazing.

Home Decor

Making your house into a home has always been somewhat of a challenge. How do you make something into a home? Well everyone has different taste and different takes, and noone is wrong! What makes your home great is up to you, but there are a lof of great tips a long the way. Just make sure to find what feels right for yourselv. don't let someone else dictate what home decor you should use. Find your own style of interiour design!


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