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I am a self trained Manchester based Artist in England. I have been painting for almost 15 years now, and my art is depicted by my everyday experience with my immediate environment, my travels and purity in people i meet. I started my Art career as a design illustrator in one of the media houses in Manchester, since then have always wanted to improve my painting skills, and be bold. Painting for me is like a second nature, i feel more satisfaction with the completion of a painting more than anything else. I always get excited whenever i am faced wth an artistic challenge, it helps me exhibit my creative abilities. I regard myself as being a prolific artist, as my love for Art has encouraged my development in a vast diversity of ways, with skills and mediums. I'm confident working in many art mediums and styles to include, Waterecolor, Acrylics, and Oil on Canvas. However, in my many years of painting, i have been able to add to my skills by the accumulation of different styles of paintings, as a result of improving my artoistic skills, ranging from abstraction, impressionism, cubism, surrealism and realism being one of my favourites.

Please enjoy with freedom the draughtmanship, and rhapsody of colours in this Modern Art exhibition, with each piece of Art showing a true reflection of the Artist journey.

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