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Ulrichde Balbian

..... exploration of painterly structures in the post-modern era so as to identify what is meaningful, possible, relevant and essential in this period. the work of the few serious artists is an immense and long term investment. I share aspects of my aesthetic vision and ideals in my work; perennial truths and insights  that are eternal, lasting, universal and permanent and grasped and expressed  by a few individuals in all socio-cultural practices or intersubjective discourses such as the arts, music, philosophy, sciences, humanities, literature and spirituality.....

spatial big spatial 2 to larger forms postcard from China
f1k 1mcb redd bluuue
still life 111 from darkness there cometh colours reds creams purples browns etc through the Gateway
ab1 ab33 frame without a picture q121
q93 q93 q101 q100
abstract delight simplcity 2 blue grass of the bayou land of dreams
aerial photo of map of land of dreams suspended 1 litle 1 yellow together
well balanced 2 brwon squared nails of the cross stretching space
painting as marks on paper no, not a Dufy right within it holding back the yellow
refinement of the  bourgeoisie winter sun is very low today this is number 7 red and yellow
2 not of a kind simplicity 2.... super concentrated someone's
yellow and blue attempt to meet, touch and interact.... the red is obvious mini variation on powerful colours red yellow on cream
softly, gentle persuasion gentle composition last spatial spatial analysis 1
yellow 2 black spatial analysis 2 from white 2 brown in browns
rather leafy shapes green blue violet blue, blue and blue, blue with a slight wash
colour and space 4 p16 perfection 1 five
six landscape with strip of color landscape with strip of color 2 fascination fascinated
Im so bold you cant miss me with a centrepoint the extreme lightness of BEing mysterious city of the mystics
number 34

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