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Promoting your events

To add an event to the events calendar simply go to 'My events' and click on 'Add an event'. The information below provides a brief description of the editing options available on the Add New Event form.

  • Add new event formEvent Details
  • Event Title
    • Event Summary
      This summary appears on your My events page and the main events calendar.
    • Description
      Give a good description of your event here.
      Useful Tip:
      You can also add an image by clicking on the tree icon on the edit bar.
  • Event Times and Dates
    • Start Time
    • End Time
    • Date Range
      Useful Tip:
      If this event takes place every day over a number of days,
      enter the start and finish dates under Date range.
    • OR Specific Date(s)
      If the event occurs on one day or a number of separate days, enter these
      dates under specific date(s) separated by commas using the format dd/mm/yyyy.
  • Venue and Event Contact Details
    • Address 1
    • Address 2
    • Town
    • City
    • Postcode
    • Country
    • Email Address
    • Telephone
    • Website Address
  • Activate the event booking form? (Advanced members only)
    This allows visitors to book a place at your
    event by submitting a form which is emailed to you.
    • FROM Email Address
    • TO Email Address
    • CC Email Address (optional)
    • BCC Email Address (optional)
    • Email Subject
    • Custom Email Message
  • Set date for publishing this event
    • Display From Date
      Select the dates for when you want this
      event to appear in the events calendar.
    • Display To Date
      Leave clear if you want the event
      to remain live indefinitely.
  • Select categories or search tags for this event
    Selecting catagories will make it easier for
    visitors to find your event.

    • Event subject
    • Type of Event
  • Upload a thumbnail image for this event?
    • Current Thumbnail Image
    • Upload Thumbnail Image
      This thumbnail image will appear on
      pages across the website where the
      event is previewed (including in the search results).
  • Optimise this event for search engines?
    Meta data is information about a web page which is used
    by search engines to decide where to place the page in its listings
    • Friendly URL
      This allows you to customise your URL and make it shorter so that people find it easier to remember.
      For example, if you enter Johnsevent
      the URL will be
      Please note, type it with no spaces and without these characters: & / ? % etc.
    • Meta Page Title
      This will appear as the title of the page in search engine results.
    • Meta Description
      Enter a short description of the event.
  • Activate comments for this event?
    Allowing visitors to leave comments is a great way to get feedback on your event.
    You have full control over what comments are visible on the event page
    • Activate Commenting
      Tick box to allow visitors to leave comments for this event.
    • Moderate Commenting
      Tick box to only allow comments to go live once you have approved them.
    • Suspend Commenting
      Tick box to stop further comments being left for this event.
  • Make Live?
    • Make live in your space
      Untick this box if you wish to remove this event from view on your pages.
  • Save
    Click to save your changes.

Please contact us if you have any questions about completing this form.

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