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Buying artwork on Galleries-online

There are three options for buying artwork on galleries-online:

1. Deal directly with the artist by email

You can contact the artist directly by completing the Make an Enquiry form on the image page.

2. Purchase artwork using galleries-online as an 'escrow agent'

We understand that many artists and buyers would feel more comfortable with a third party facilitating the sale of artwork.
The process for selling artwork this way is as follows:

  1. Buyer makes a payment for your artwork to galleries-online via the Buy now link on the image page.
  2. Artist sends the artwork to the buyer (the artist is responsible for the cost of postage and insurance).
  3. Once received, the buyer has a ten day approval period.
  4. If the buyer is happy with the artwork the money is released by galleries-online to the artist
    minus commission of 15% of the agreed price of the artwork.
  5. If the buyer decides that they do not wish to keep the artwork, they are responsible for the costs of
    returning the item to the artist (including insurance).
  6. Once the artist has received the returned artwork, galleries-online provides a full refund to the buyer and
    this does not include the cost of returning the artwork back to the artist.

Please Note that this option is only available if the Buy now button takes you to the Galleries-online Ltd PayPal account page.

3. Buy artwork directly from artist by making a payment to their PayPal account

If you are taken to the artist's PayPal payment page after clicking Buy now you will be dealing directly with the artist
without the involvement of galleries-online.

Please read our terms and conditions before purchasing artwork on galleries-online.

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