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Uploading audio & video descriptions of artwork

To enhance your visitor's experience when viewing your artwork
we have included a tool which allows you to upload an audio or
video media file that can be played while a visitor views your artwork.

So for example, when a visitor clicks on one of your images they can
listen to or watch a commentary by you about the artwork they are viewing.

This can really engage the visitor by providing an insight
into how you approached creating the artwork, what your influences were
and what inspired you to create it.

To associate a media file with an image follow these simple steps.

  1. Go to My Images on the left menu.
  2. Under the heading Image Library, click on your Image folder
    to locate the image you wish to associate the media file with,
    click on the edit icon Edit  record icon next to the image.
  3. Now click on Upload an audio or video media file for this image (Advanced)
  4. There are three ways in which you can add the file:
    • Add a link to an existing file on another website.
    • Add embedded code provided by another website (such as YouTube).
    • Upload a media file from your computer.
    • When you have decided which method you are going to use complete the fields relating to your chosen option.

Creating your own media file

It’s becoming increasingly simple to create an audio or video file:

PCs and Macs come pre-installed with sounds recording software.
If you have a microphone you can create simple sound files quickly and easily.

You can create a video using most digital cameras and mobile phones.
This can then be transferred to your computer and then uploaded onto the website.

Useful Tip:
If you create your own media file you should use
the Upload a media file from your computer option when linking it to your artwork.

Remember to select the correct format for the file you are uploading.

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