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George Tzelesis George Tzelesis

George Tzelesis – short Biography

George Tzelesis was born in Chania, Greece in 1960. He is sculpting from 1967.( Self-taft ) He became interested in sound sculpture in 1988 during a short stadies period (telescope making ) in New York . He builds unusual electromechanical instruments using materials he often finds in the waste recycling plant where he works.

He has held several atomic exhibitions and performances including:

Castelli town, Crete, Greece (1996) Klathmonos square Athens, Greece (1997) Stones’In Neoria ,Chania,(1998) Goethe Institut. At the harbor in Icaria island, Greece (1999) ‘Religion & music ‘ Giali-jamisi ,Chania Greece. (2000 ) In the middle of the road “Las Ramblas”, Barcelona, Spain (2002 ) At an old Islamic mosque in Chania, Greece (2004) ECO-festival of Chania,Greece (2008) Florence Biennale .Italy (2009) Gavdos island , Lighthouse sounds (2010 ) Rennier Chapel ( 2013 )

He is the founder of the “Sogroup” movement.

He is currently living and working in Chania.

A reflection of the Artist : (( There are people who avoid // Fine arts // and the cultural events of their Hometown….and when they copy something, they feel badly even terrible. These people seem deprived…cold…impassive and are considered....…untalented and graceless.Also can never sing to the tunes of others …and generally… they find it unbearable to imitate others. If you can unlock these people ….you can find the new cultural memory.))

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