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Giannis Tsaganos Giannis Tsaganos

           Since my adolescence, when I discovered what I was really interested in, what I have always wanted to do was and still is to paint. Painting gives me the opportunity to start something from zero point and make it a complete work of art, depending on the feelings that overrun me during the time period of realization.             Before my work reaches the point of realization, the primary step is the choice of a thematology that expresses me, according to my judgement. The subject is the motive for the selection of the technique and the material that will be used, so that the achievement of a satisfactory result will be eased.             My current work results from musical hearings which surround me, either they come from personal choices and experiences or are the stimuli from the daily exposition to television. These hearings urge me to get occupied with two forms of art simultaneously, painting and music, giving visual shape and form to melody. The realization of these artworks aims at provoking the spectator to explore the uniqueness of my emotions during the time of my creativity, so that he can experience this uniqueness or part of it, too, if that is possible.

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