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Daniela Safrankova Daniela Safrankova

Daniela Safrankova and Her Art

"The work of Daniela Šafránková is a masterful interpretation of our coexistence with nature. Šafránková paints what she sees and what she feels, plainly and civilly, without seeking spectacular moments she finds them instinctually. Her powerful lines and distinctive coloring lead us into her world. Her color scheme is influenced by her life in California, by the different light, and is of primary importance in the intensity of Šafránková’s emotional message. Her work- empathetic, understandable and gracious- is a valuable contribution to contemporary Czech landscape painting." Dušan Sedlácek, PhD.

Daniela Safrankova was born in Prague, Czechoslovakia. She took her B.A. from the Academy of Performing Arts (DAMU), Prague, Czech Republic, in 1995, and did her post-graduate work at California State University, Fullerton, in 1998. Safrankova works almost exclusively with oil on canvas creating vibrant landscapes, both urban and rural, in a world of color. Her work has been shown in various galleries in the Czech Republic and the United States, and can also be seen at

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