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Carmen Tyrrell Carmen Tyrrell

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My artistic education was achieved in an art school of an academic profile.I have built through years a solid foundation in atelier style training alongside well-known artists and I followed this by a lifetime of experimentation.In my work the subject matter is quite diverse but the main category is Figurative. I am particularly interested in developing and extending my techniques. I work in all media and I am looking to find new forms of expression. My style of work is spontaneous, vigorous and loose, trying to maintain the freshness.Some of my works can be found in private collections in Romania, England, Scotland ,USA, DUbai and Canada.Having commissioned a portrait, I take sketches and photographs as references, and concentrate in order to meet all the requirements. I adjust the style of work, from impressionism to realism, as necessary.Also, I work portraits from high-resolution photographs. Each portrait is a challenge for me.

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  • 06 April 2009
    Would you like show your work in our gallery in Italy? If you are interested can you contact me on my email address? Many thanks Pierangelo
    by Kalat Maioliche
  • 29 November 2006
    Very Good Work, The Figure is not an easy subject but Ms Tyrrell you have captured it in a very rich and unique style. Regards Stephen Brough
    by Stephen Brough

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