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I was born in 1970 in a British military hospital and spent most of my youth in Margate,Kent where from the age of 3 or 4 I discovered my obsession for drawing.I was frustrated with things that I could not represent on paper and resiliently persevered until I was happy with the results.This continued with more complex subjects being the only enjoyable challenge and so my self taught background to the art world was unknowingly in place.Based in South Yorkshire I am primarily a self taught artist with an illustrational background.This has led me to diversify in a way that is far removed from the representational art market. Much of my work evolves from sketches beginning with simple shapes that I respond to in a way that resembles word association.Things that spring into my mind in reaction to the marks that I make seem to evolve an idea or theme from what seem to be random acts.This approach enables both the viewer and myself to learn in an honest way the thoughts and distractions that occupy my mind as an individual.This is why,to me and several others,the work I produce seems to hold a feeling of reminiscence and nostalgia. My work now leaves behind all of the things I was once so precious about such as the quality of finish,the accuracy of illustration and the need to impress.My focus now is on enjoying what I do and to let the paint be just that,allowing imperfections when they work as a whole and concentrating on the overall feel and balance of the work as if it had its own personality that I wouldn't dare destroy by overfussiness.

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