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Although I have been drawing and painting for the best half of my life, I am new to selling my artwork.

I do not have any academic qualification along the art route, as I went more towards the mathematical direction. However, I draw, paint and sculpt as I enjoy it. I have yet to specialise in one medium, as I enjoy working in most. I am probably most proficient in sketching, as thats the first area I developed in my childhood.

Currently, I have been experiencing the fullfilment of stone carving and producing solid three-dimensional works.

On the topic of research, I have began to look into the symbolism and maths of the Egyptian and pre Egyptian era, of which surprisingly we still use today, yet the majority of people are ignorant of. With that in mind, I would aim to bring some enlightenment to people, or the original meanings of symbolism and mathematical geometry through my artwork.

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