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Madalena Ginosati Madalena Ginosati

My art has two sides,the colored one and the black and white one.I'm using acrylics on canvas , charcoal,chalk and dry pastels on canson paper. My inspiration stems from american and british music scene,nature, human beings and their feelings. Having art lessons with my teacher,a greek painter,Rania Kapeliari.

Group Exhibitions

January 2013 - "Art travels to Kallithea" Kallithea Municipality "Melina Merkouri building" Athens,Greece

June 2013 - Time of Art Gallery,Athens,Greece

July 2013 - "Retrospective" Time of Art Gallery, Athens Greece

November 2013- 3rd Egyptian Cultural Week (Egyptian Panorama) Athens-Thessaloniki 21 Nov.- 5 Dec "Greek artists paint for Egypt", Egypt Cultural Center in Athens

April 28 - May 5th 2014 - "People"- Center of Fine Arts" Georgios Karydis",Filothei,Athens,Greece

December 17-21st 2014- "Seeking El Greco"- International Cultural Institution of Hellenic Dispersion, Nea Philadelphia,Athens,Greece

15-25th May 2015- "Art Drops"-Vryssaki,Monastiraki,Athens,Greece

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