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~Hi All~ I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico with my partner of 23 years Dean. We moved here from New York in 2000. I have had Aids for 26 years. My partner is negative. We are still madly in love. We have written plays and musicals together as well as poetry and short stories individually. We both have worked with mixed media as well. Dean was quite a photographer when I met him. Yet it's his voice that stole my heart. To hear him sing is my delight. I've always sketched and then began taking photos. I was looking for new artists to admire when I found this site. I am looking forward to posting some of my work. May all your artistic voices be heard and seen by many and make them feel your piece exactly how you intended them to feel. That's art! Rejoice @ Life. Please sign my guest book, it would be my pleasure.

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  • 19 October 2008
    These are so beautiful. They really made my day. I adore flowers and these photos are the best of the best. I especially love the lighting. Quite professional and very well done. Nice job Cornelius!!
    by Dean
  • 17 October 2008
    thanks i appriciate the comment. It's nice to hear from someone who can actually see my artwork. p.s if you know anyone who would be interested in buying any of my art will you let me know , i can send more pictures if you like. thank you again , Jeremy.
    by jeremy dennis

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