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Erato Tsouvala Erato Tsouvala

Born 1964 in Piraeus, Greece, Erato Tsouvala Studied painting, art history and modern art close to Greek Artist Antonis Politakis. Her studies cover a full range of materials and techniques. Apart from her own artistic style, she is skilled in Byzantine hagiography and encaustic. Erato never stops practicing and creating. Her work has been featured at numerous galleries and venues in Greece, and recently started promoting her artwork abroad. Her work is influenced by Byzantine hagiography, and is full of eroticism together with a quality of naked forms. Comments on her work: "The poetic quality of Eratos art often depends on the fact that forces and drives of which she is unaware motivate her. Eratos paintings are a vehicle of her feelings and an expression of her loving, suffering and desiring". - Manfred Peter Mueller "I was impressed, especially with the very loose acrylic pieces that have a strong feeling of human form, and yet are so free and exuberant that their energy goes way beyond the limitations of the human form." - Claude Smith

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