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Displaying your artwork

There are two steps to displaying your artwork on your Gallery Page:

  1. Upload images into My Image Folder.
  2. Set up a gallery and select images from My Image Folder to be displayed in My Galleries.


  • Log into your account and click on My Images in the left menu.
My Images
  • To Add an image click on the green button Add record icon
Add Image
  • Complete the details in the Edit Form.

To get the best results to promote your work, please provide the following:

  • A title of the artwork.
  • An uploaded image file.
  • Selected categories relating to the artwork.
  • Options for selling the artwork.

Images must be at least 540 pixels in width.

Read more about completing the Add New Image form.

Add image form
  • Click save at the bottom of the form and you will return to the My Images page.
  • You can now click on My Image Folder to see a preview of your image.
  • If you wish to edit the details for this image or delete it,
    click on My Image Folder and click on the edit icon Edit  record icon located under the image.


  • You can delete the image in the edit form by clicking Delete at the bottom of the page.


  • You can gauge how many times visitors have viewed this image by referring
    to the (hits: 0) counter below the edit icon Edit  record icon in My Image Folder.
Image preview
Once you have uploaded a number of images
you can now create a gallery to display them



  • Click on My Galleries in the left menu then click on Add a gallery to open the Edit Form.
My Galleries
  • When the Gallery edit form has opened complete the required fields.

To get the best results from your gallery, please provide the following:

  • A Gallery Title.
    (A Gallery Summary and Description are optional).
  • Add images from My Images.
    (Please see screenshot).
  • Upload a thumbnail image for this gallery.
    (This will help capture a visitor’s attention. The gallery cannot be previewed on the front page without a thumbnail image).
  • Create a Friendly URL in Optimise this gallery for search engines.
  • This allows you to customise your URL and make it shorter
    so that people find it easier to remember.
    For example, if you type Charlottesgallery
    the URL will be shortened to
    (Please note, type it with no spaces and without these characters: & / ? % etc).  
  • Click Save when you have finished.

Read more about completing the Add New Gallery form.

Add images to gallery
  • After saving your gallery you will be returned to the My Galleries page
    where you will see:

a) A preview of your gallery that is now live on the right of the page.

b) The gallery will now be listed under Edit Existing Galleries.

Preview of gallery
Useful Tip:
Here you can edit the gallery and view other details such as
how many hits it has received and whether anyone
has left any comments.
Edit Galleries


Please note that depending on your subscription you can create up to eight galleries
to display the artwork you have uploaded in your Image Folder.

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