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'mysterious city of the mystics'
80x125 Cm
Unframed / Unspecified
1,000,000.00 (GBP)
Artists Comments: Mysterious City of the Mystics by Ulrich de Balbian 2010, Acrylic, diversity of techniques as well as number of glaces on creased canvas with frayed edges. [[An iconic example of a painting by a modern master in which almost the entire range of techniques for the Acrylic medium is employed;for example: opaque, transparent, washes, colors direct from the tube as well as mixing previous to application and on the support, sweeping as well as controlled strokes, large and minute, spirited, vigorous as well as controlled composition, thick and thin application, mixed with white to lighten the tone, or darkened, saturated and unsaturated, dry-brush and scumbling, over textured dry ground or the clean support, different types of blending, opaque, cross-hatching, wet-in-wet, on wet paper, with a damp brush, optical blending, glazing, all prima, etc.]]
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Tags: Acrylics, Abstract
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