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'landscape with strip of color'
43x60 Cm
Unframed / Unspecified
100,000.00 (GBP)
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Artists Comments:
I usually work in a series, of 2, 3, 5, 7 or more , exploring certain basic painterly structures such as color, forms, composition, etc Exploration of painterly structures in the post-modern era so as to identify what is meaningful, possible, relevant and essential in this period. The work of a serious artist is an immense and long term investment. I share aspects of my aesthetic vision and ideals in my work, these are perennial truths and insights that are eternal, lasting, universal and permanent and grasped and expressed by all cultural practices or intersubjective discourses, such as philosophy, the arts, music, science, spirituality, etc.. Seemingly simple images, that are apparently quite static, but those with acute perception will notice that they have subtle inner movement and rhythm . This is created by the contribution of certain colors and color combinations, forms and shapes and composition. All elements assist in the production of a peaceful ambiance.
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Tags: Acrylics, Abstract
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