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'Naked Picnic'

Naked Picnic

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Tim Lewis
Tim Lewis
11:46 AM on 02 February 2010
Hi Pete, i've been showing my partner all your artwork on Galleries-online. Speechless is the word i'm looking for. You have a gift that is to be sure. The comic value you refered to before is definatley there, but with control and intent that you so effortlessly, delicatley "Exhude" probobaly. You make it look easy. Absolute brilliance Pete. You see, i taught myself everything i know. I'm (sure it show's) as i'm not as controlling with the paint brush. I seem to paint my feeling's and let my hand's do the work. If you don't mind Pete, please could you give me one tip that i could learn from? Something you may have found helpful? I would realy like that. But only if you don't mind?

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'Naked Picnic'
20x16 Inches
Unframed / Unspecified
Artists Comments:
This is a Naked Picnic. If you like this style then please feel free to visit my website
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Tags: Acrylics on canvas, People
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