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Wire Bonsai Tree Interpretations

We specialise in RARE and UNIQUE 'one-of-a-kind' 'Original' interpretive wire Bonsai sculptures.

From conception to conclusion, all our pieces are extemporaneously hand crafted.

They are inspired by the natural beauty that can be found in the twists and turns of living life as a cererbral, sentient soul.

Our Bonssai trees mimic an inate ability to walk in many directions searching for contentment, conectivity and enlighenment. The natural outcome is not always that which was perceived to be required, or indeed needed, but on closer inspection, and a=with a change in focus, an incite can be gained as a revelation is revealed.

                                THESE WORDS ARE OUR INSPITATION

Green Lace Bonsai Warrior  Bonsai Double Copper Bonsai Crystal Silver
Lrg Crystal Silver Brown Gold

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