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Female Nudes

'Repose - Nudes Gallery'

Repose - Nudes Gallery

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Paul Ramnora
Paul Ramnora
02:33 PM on 11 December 2010
I like your female nude drawings a lot. BRILLIANTLY drawn!
Madalena Ginosati
Madalena Ginosati
08:06 AM on 27 January 2012
your female nudes are amazing!very impressive,so strong!excellent work!!
Madalena Ginosati
Madalena Ginosati
12:50 PM on 02 February 2012
thank you very much for your good words about my portraits.what can I say about your portraits?maginificent!it's obvious you work hard and respect what you do to get this result with all the materials you use! this is the first site I created an account,so I also thank you for your sugestions for the art sites.

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'Repose - Nudes Gallery'
50x60 Cm
Unframed / Unspecified
120.00 (GBP)
Artists Comments:
Nude. Original unique acrylic painting on canvas, painted edges and ready to hang. Frame is optional. A semi-abstract painting which will complement a modern room style. Size 50cm x 60cm x 2cm.
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About the Artist:
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Tags: Acrylics on canvas, Abstract, Erotic, Figurative, People, Nudes, Portrait, Semi Abstract
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