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As a Buddhist I believe that happiness comes when your words and deeds are of benefit to yourself and others. I find creativity to be very positive for myself and others. I love to write and to draw and paint. I am 45years old, live in Hampshire UK on a stud farm with my husband who is a farrier. I have three lovely children. I qualified in 1983 with a BAHons Art/Art History Cambs. I think art is such a wonderful vehicle for translating feelings and visions and that is my hope when doing my art. I am particularly interested in spirituality and how it reveals itself in different cutures. I have travelled widely, my husband is Moroccan so I am very family with that part of the world and its culture and this influences my art and thinking. I have always had an afinity with horses who are so intelligent and spiritually aware and I am fascinated by the Native American culture which held horses in high esteem.

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