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Almost fifty years ago my parents gave me my first camera, I was about to make my first visit to Paris with schoolfriends. Neither of my parents had ever heard of the Louvre nor had they the faintest notion of its contents. The voluptuous forms that filled almost two rolls of film proved quite difficult for them but sparked in me a love of photography that has never left me. For a variety of reasons a lot of my earlier work has been lost, though perhaps that it is not such a bad thing, and that has taught me the importance of creating a permanent archive within which ones work will be safe from all the vagaries of life. Until the mid-1990s I shot only 35mm film whereas now I shoot with digital and medium format film cameras; the advent of digital photography has injected a massive degree of artistic freedom for the photographer, allowing previously unimagined degrees of manipulation. History alone will judge the worth of this new medium.

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